Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Would it be possible to fit the stock that I order from you myself?  How much work does it entail and which tools do I need?

If you feel you are able to fit the stock yourself, it is of utmost importance that your  rifle is a standard factory issue - no modifications should have been made to any part of the rifle.  Screwdrivers are the only tools necessary to fit our stocks.

2.    Is the finish on the stocks damaged easily and how difficult is it to repair?

No. Our stocks are finished in mat poly acrathane, similar to what is used on military vehicles.  To repair, the stock must be returned to our factory.  To repaint would cost about R300.00 (black finish) and R400 (colour finish), excluding return postage.

3.    If one should knock on the stock, would the sound be hollow or solid?

The sound would be rather solid.

4.    Would the stock that I order be fitted with sling swivels and/or a recoil pad?

The stock is fitted with swivel studs which you may fit with quick detachable swivels.  It also comes standard with a black, ventilated, Bisley recoil pad with the option to fit a different pad of choice at an additional quoted amount.

5.    I have a black stock, but wish to change its colour.  What would it cost?

To change the colour would cost R300.00, excluding return postage.  A camouflage/colour finish costs R750.00, excluding return postage.

6.    I have a stock that I wish to repaint.  Which paint would you recommend?

We use a matt poly acrathane, but do not recommend that clients repaint the stocks themselves.

7.    How do fibreglass, carbon fibre and laminated wood stocks compare strength wise?

A laminated wood stock is the only one that can compare to a fibreglass stock strength wise, but usually it is much more expensive and heavier. A carbon fibre stock would be R1 500.00 more expensive.  Seeing that fibreglass stocks are already sturdy enough, it would only be necessary to use carbon fibre in stocks where weight would be of importance, such as with bench rest rifles.

8.    Would it be possible to order a recoil pad of my own choice for the stock that I order?

Yes, at an additional quoted price, provided that we either have your choice of pad in stock, or are able to order.

9.    Would it be possible to order sling swivels of my own choice for the stock that I order?


10.    What is the overall weight of a stock?

Magnum stocks:    1,35kg

Monte Carlo style stock:    1,1kg

Paul Thumbhole stock:    1,45kg

Standard stocks, e.g. K98:    1.1kg

Steel reinforced stocks:    1,65kg

Varmint Thumbhole stock:    1,95kg

Stocks may be made heavier or lighter in weight according to the client's choice.  We do recommend, though, that not too much weight be added.